Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s weekend presents the perfect opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule and make the most of the sights and sounds of a new place with a loved one, whether this be a rural retreat or the hustle and bustle of a new and exciting city. A romantic getaway is the ultimate valentines treat.

Suh-Tahn Mesh Legging

Suh-Tahn produces a versatile, chic layer in this Mesh Legging. Made of delicate silk, these sheer leggings can be worn under shorts and mini dresses to add a bit of urban flair to your ensemble.

LnA Zipper Leggings

Leggings have just gotten a whole lot sleeker, thanks to these Zipper Leggings from hot L.A. label LnA. With 8″ zipper detail at the hem, these slick leggings have that indie urban flavor we adore.

Kova & TOxy Leggings

On the prowl for cutting-edge style? Go with these Oxy Leggings from Kova and T for the slickest silhouette around, with stirrup cutouts to keep the fit extrasnug and a shiny latex finish for a slimming effect.

Rag & Bone Leggings

Go chicly equestrian with these riding-inspired Leggings from New York’s Rag and Bone. In a thick and stretchy fabrication, these leggings have seam detailing, a zip and button closure, and fine ribbing through the calf and ankle.

ravers leggings and trainers

I snapped this while at toxic beach beach at an after after party, i love shoes, and leggings the more colourful the better.

Lycra Seamless Fishnet Leggings

Now you can wear your fishnets without wearing out the feet. Perfect for roller derby girls! Music Legs label.

Pinstriped Leggings

Subtle stylish pinstripes down to the cuffs of these leggings. The panty area is black and semi-sheer. Comfortable stretch. Foot Traffic label.

Striped Leggings

Leggings are the hot trend recently, but that’s not why we like them so much… We like them because they are practical, sexy, fun and add infinite.

Skull Leggings

White skulls and bones printed on nearly opaque black leggings – you will need something covering the danger zone like a hot little skirt or some cut